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Welcome to our corgi page. I hope you enjoy looking at our puppies and watching them grow. I have been raising corgi puppies for over 30 years. After 32 years, I retired from my job as an OR nurse and am now lucky enough to be raising corgi puppies full time, BEST JOB EVER!

My husband, Mike, and I live on a farm in southeast Iowa, just west of a small town called Houghton. In addition to corgis, we raise, corn, soybeans, alfalfa hay, and beef cattle. We have lived on this farm our entire married life for over 50 years. We have 4 adult children and 14 grandchildren, which makes for lively times when we get together. Check out the info below to help answer some of your questions.

Puppies when available!

Shipping available at buyers expense.

Our corgis are AKC registered and have champion bloodlines.

They are sold with limited registration.

Full AKC registration may be considered.

The price for our corgi puppies is $2000 which includes a $300 deposit to secure a puppy with the remainder due when the puppy leaves. Our deposits are honored in the order in which they are received and are good for a year. Deposits can be made with a check, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle. If Paypal use my email address, and then the ‘friends and family” option.

For information, call or text 319-931-7622 or email at My address is:

Sally Denning
P.O. Box 78  1130 Hwy 16
Houghton, IA 52631

(If using GPS to get here, put in Hillsboro instead of Houghton – we pick up our mail in Houghton, but would be on the Hillsboro rural route if we received our mail at home. )

If you would like to join others on our deposit list email me at or call/text me at 319-931-7622.

At present, we have no available corgi puppies. My sister-on-law, Marilyn Starkey, who also raises corgi puppies that we sell together, has a new litter of 8 corgi puppies that arrived on November 5th, and is expecting another litter next week. Her website is and her number is 319/931-4947 if you would like to contact her.

Tasha & Sammy’s Puppies – Date of birth 9/25/20

T1 Red Male – (Sold) “Chopper”

Congratulations Choua & Lloyd

T2 Tri Female – (Sold) “Mira”

Congratulations Palden

T3 Tri Female – (Sold) “Amma”

Congratulations Amanda

T4 Red Female – (Sold)  “Honey”

Congratu;ations John

Carlie’s & Cooper’s Puppies – Date of birth 9/29/20

C1 Red Male – (Sold) “Bob”

Congratulations Dexter

C2 Red Female – (Sold) “Coco”

Congratulations Lisa

C3 Red Female – (Sold) “Olive”

Congratulations Jenn

C4 Red Female – (Sold) “Pumpkin”

Congratulations Crystal

C5 Red Female – (Sold) “Piper”

Congratulations Kelli & Sean

C6 Red Female – (Sold) “Doris”

Congratulations Kate

C7 Red Female – (Sold) “Miss Aggie Jean”

Congratulations Tori & Bob

C8 Red Female – (Sold) “Cheddar Jack”

Congratulations Mitchela

Nala’s & Cooper’s Puppies – Date of birth 10/1/20

N1 Tri Male – (Sold) “Derby”

Congratulations Krissy

      N2 Tri Male – (Sold) ‘Charlie”

Congratulations Sky

N3 Tri Male – (Sold) “Arlo”

Congratulations Njell & Laurie

N4 Tri Male – (Sold) “Frederick-Freddy”

Congratulations Andrew & Margaret

N5 Tri Male – (Sold) “Watson”

Congratulations Wanda

N6 Tri Female – (Sold) ‘Roxanne”

Congratulations Will

N7 Tri Female – (Sold) “Lucy”

Congratulations Brett & Brenda

N8 Tri Female – (Sold) “Daisy”

Congratulations Nichole

Lili & Sammy’s Puppies – Date of birth 10/3/20

L1 Tri Male – (Sold)

Congratulations Becca

L2 Red Male – (Sold) “Rex”

Congratulations Julianne

L3 Tri Female – (Sold) “Luna”

Congratulations Ana Maria

L4 Red Female – (Sold) “Kairi”

Congratulations Tonya

L5 Red Female – (Sold) “Phoebe”

Congratulations Megan & Charles

Maddie’s & Cooper’s Puppy – Date of birth 10/3/20

M1 Tri Male – (Sold) “Pippin”

Congratulations Dean & Judy

Aunya & Cooper’s Puppies – Date of birth 10/6/20

A1 Sable Male – (Sold) “Griffin”

Congratulations Todd

A2 Sable Male – (Sold) “Sonny”

Congratulations Somer

A3 Red Male – (Sold) “Oliver”

Congratulations Wanda

A4 Sable Male – (Sold) “Peter-Petey”

Congratulations Nicole & Darren

A5 Red Male – (Sold) “Sir David Attenbowwow – Davey”

Congratulations Kimberly & Eddy

A6 Red Male – (Sold) “Riley”

Congratulatioms Patti & MIke

A7 Sable Female – (Sold) “Stella”

Congratulations Angie

A8 Sable Female – (Sold)

Congratulations Nathan & Grace

Our adult corgis

Not for sale


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Aunya – Sable Female

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy

Cooper – Tri Male

Nala – Tri Female

Carlie – Red Female

Tasha – Sable Female


Lili – Red Female

Maddie – Red Female

Jenny – Red Female

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