1. What is your adoption process?

Puppies are sold in order of  non refundable deposit received, we do accept deposits prior to puppies being born. Puppies are posted on our website when they are a few days old and will be available 7-8 weeks after they are born. We welcome visitors when the puppies are 3 weeks old or older if you want to come pick out your puppy, or if you want to meet the parents.  We do not require an application, we just ask that you give our puppies a loving forever home and have a vet lined up to care for your puppy when you get him/her home.

2. Will my puppy be vaccinated?

Yes, your puppy will have 2 puppy vaccines prior to going to his/her new home. We also worm puppies several times prior to them leaving.

3. Do you accept deposits on unborn puppies?

Yes, we do accept non-refundable deposits of $300 on puppies, even if the puppies are not born yet. Puppies are sold on a first come first serve basis, depending on order of deposit received.

4. Will my puppy be registered?

All of our Shiba Inu, Standard Schnauzer and Corgi puppies come with a limited AKC registration application. This is an application that can be filled out and sent to AKC for limited papers. Limited registration means the puppy cannot be used for breeding or for show. Full registration is available for an additional fee and subject to our discretion. Goldendoodles are a mixed breed and are not registered.

5. Can my new puppy be shipped?

We ship on American Airlines and temperatures have to be between 20-85 degrees. Some customers choose to fly here and pick their puppy up and fly back home with the puppy as a carry on, this is an option for small to medium breed puppies.  Shipping is an additional $450 at this time. We take care of all shipping arrangements. 

6. What will I receive with my puppy?

Puppies will come with a small bag of puppy food, treats, a chew toy and a blanket that smells like their current environment to help them transition easier. They also come with a folder of paperwork including a puppy guarantee and purchase agreement, vaccination/deworming record, feeding instructions, pamphlet with training tips and tricks, information about Baxter & Bella’s training program as well as a discount code for that as well as any registration if available.

Puppies that require shipping also come with an approved pet carrier and a vet certificate.

7. How do I pay for my puppy and when is payment due?

We accept Visa/Mastercard, venmo, cash, cashier’s check or personal check (only if received 2 weeks prior to puppy leaving). Payment is due in full prior to puppy leaving, if puppy is to be shipped payment must be received prior to shipment. If puppy will be picked up payment is due at time of pick up. We are required to charge 7% sales tax to all puppies picked up in the state of Iowa and this will be added to the price of the puppy when picked up.

8. Is microchipping available?

Yes we offer microchipping for an additional $30, we use AKC reunite microchips.

9. What type of food do you feed?

We have recently switched our goldendoodle and shiba puppies to Nutrena Loyall puppy food. We had no problems with our previous foods, but decided to make the switch to support our local feed store. Nutrena is cooked in the same way as the other foods we have tried and has added probiotics and prebiotics. We had previously fed American Natural Premium dog food to our adult dogs and puppies and have used Fromm foods in the past and like that brand of food as well. These brands of dog food are not found in large chain stores as they only sell to small locally owned shops/feed stores. You can find more information about these brands of dog foods on their websites, www.nutrenaworld.com, frommfamily.com or americannaturalpremium.com. 

We send a sample bag of puppy food home with all of our puppies to continue the same food or to mix with whatever type of food you prefer.


10. What is your address?

Karen Moeller’s address is 1608 160th Street Donnellson, IA 52625                         Phone number: 319-931-2189

Sally Denning’s address is P.O. Box 78 1130 Highway 16 Houghton, IA 52631          Phone number 319-931-7622

Info on snuggle puppies

We sell Snuggle Puppies as an add on to your going home package. They ease loneliness, fear and separation anxiety in puppies when they leave their litter and go to their new homes. It comes with a heat pack and a heartbeat to help calm puppies. These retail for $40, we sell them for $30.

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