Goldendoodle Puppies

 Upcoming F1 Standard Goldendoodles

We are hoping to have a litter of standard golden doodles early fall. We will post updates as they come.  


1st Pick (wants male) – Allison 

2nd Pick (wants male) – Ann

3rd pick – Amanda

4th pick – Katie

 F1 Mini Goldendoodles

Greta and Peanut’s puppies were born June 10th, these puppies will be ready to leave the first week of August. There are 8 girls and 1 boy in this litter. The puppies in this litter are all spoken for by our waitlist.


1st pick – Eric (wants either G1, G8 or G9 )

2nd pick – Veronica (boy)

3rd pick – Garrett

4th pick – Angie (girl)

5th pick – Kaitlin (girl)

6th pick – Erin

7th pick – Jordan

8th pick – Gavin & Lisa

9th pick – Stacey



G1 Female wearing green collar

G2 Female wearing light blue collar

G3 Female wearing red collar

G4 Female wearing yellow collar

G5 Female wearing black collar

G6 Female wearing purple collar

G7 Female wearing pink collar

G8 Female wearing dark blue collar

G9 Male

 Upcoming F1 Mini Goldendoodles

We have a litter of F1 mini goldendoodles due the end of July, these puppies will be ready to leave the end of September. We expect to have light gold to dark apricot coloring in this litter. Waitlist is now open for this litter. We require a $200 deposit to hold your spot on the wait list. 


1st pick – Jennifer

2nd pick – Lexi

3rd pick – Brad & Claire

4th pick – Amber

5th pick – Sharon

6th pick – open

7th pick – open



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