Goldendoodle Puppies

 F1 Standard Goldendoodles

Piper and Leonard have a litter of F1 standard goldendoodles born September 12th, ready to leave November 7th. Contact us for more info, we are taking deposits to be on our waitlist for this litter. There are 4 girls 3 boys in this litter. 


1st pick – Amanda – female

2nd pick – Katie- female

3rd pick – Chris – female

4th pick – Shea

5th pick – Judith – female

6th pick – Dave & Annette

7th pick – pending



P1 female wearing brown collar

P2 female wearing yellow collar

P3 female wearing white collar

P4 female wearing gray collar

P5 male wearing blue collar

P6 male wearing black collar

P7 male wearing green collar

 Upcoming F1b Medium Goldendoodles

Minkah and Leonard are expecting a litter of F1b medium goldendoodles due the last week of September. Contact us for more info, we are taking 6 deposits to be on our waitlist for this litter.   


1st pick – Breanne

2nd pick – Katie

3rd pick – Veronica

4th pick – Mike & Marg

5th pick – Dakota – male

6th pick – Sue – female

Minkah – F1 goldendoodle

Leonard – standard poodle

  F1 Mini/medium Goldendoodles

We have a litter of F1 mini goldendoodles born July 26th, ready to leave September 20th. Pictures coming soon. There are 4 girls and 4 boys in this litter. 



“Honey” wearing white collar

Sold – Amber

“Doug” wearing green collar

Sold – Gail

“Benny” wearing blue collar

Sold – Sharon

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